Tefelon Coated Fiberglass BeltConsidered among the premier manufacturers of Teflon ® coated fiberglass belt, we have established supreme quality standards to expand our reach to the wider market in and around India. Made from high grade raw material, we have developed an exquisite range of Teflon ® coated fiberglass cloth to suffice multiple industrial functions.

Apart from the standard solutions, we provide special provisions to offer customized solutions to our clients. Considered to be one of the most preferred raw materials, Teflon ® is quite popular in various industrial applications for its physical and chemical strength.  Aside from this, it is resistant to many harmful substances and conditions including high temperature, moisture, heat and more.  Given so many favourable parameters, the Teflon ® coated fiberglass tape has a growing base of customers from a large number of industries.

Teflon coated TapeApart from all the preferential properties, the Teflon ® Coated fiberglass belt delivers efficient industrial solutions between the working temperature ranging from -200C to 350C.