Section wrapping machine

Section wrapping machine We have a beaming section with two adjustable heavy duty beam carriages, beam drive, chain and sprockets, traverse shaft beam doffing and donning mechanism. The beaming section prepares the heavy beams of fiber glass yarn. The beams are of 500 mm 700 mm flange diameter and up to 120” width of machine. The safety bar is provided with the electrical switch and push buttons for the operation. There is guide roll is also provided for the wrap sheet. There is a shaft and clutch arrangement with the electric motor for the duplex chain and sprockets. The speed of the beaming is fixed at the rate of 40 meters/seconds. The beaming tension on wrap sheet is of adjustable type. Till beaming operation, the brake bands continuously remain in contact on wrap drum. Two heavy duty beams carries fitted with twelve bearings and sliding on two large dia shafts. There are traverse of the shaft for the beaming section to move very smoothly. There are the adaptors to hold the beam with locking arrangement. There is also the stop counter meter to indicate the exact length of wrap.


Twisting and doubliTwisting and doubling machineng machine

We have best quality, noise free twisting machines with the gearing at the gear end. The machine consists of the capacity of twist up to 2 to 24 strand of yarn with one another, to make one another to make one pield yarn. The sectional wrapping process is used to weave the fabric from the fiber glass yarn.


Coating Tower

Coating Tower Various kind of coating are done for the fiberglass fabric to enhance the flexibility and rigidity. The coating tower is used for the coating like aluminum filter fabric, PTFE coating, silica coating, rubber coating and many more as per need. It is a continuous process of the coating to make the even coating. The coating remains same from the start to finish, without stopping between the processes. After coating the fabric became strong to resist heat up to 200°c to 1100°c temperature.



Weaving For the weaving of fiber glass fabric, we have a fully automatic rapier loom machine. The fiberglass fabric is weaves in two type plain, leno and mesh size as per requirement. the plain weave is extensively used for the quality filtration above 100 mesh and leno weave. It gives the more dimensional stability.

We manufacture and supply the 49 mesh to 450 mesh, and width from 12 inch to 48 inch. It can resist the heat up to 950 degree for molten metal. We also offer the cut piece and different size are also available as per customer requirement.


PTFE coated fiberglass thread machine

PTFE coated fiberglass thread machine We provide the PTFE coated fiberglass sewing thread of 2 to 14 ply. Due to its chemical and thermal resistance (1000°c), it is ideally used to stitch the molten metal basket and combo bag. it is also used for the various kind of the funnel, launder shock jackets, blanket as per specification.

The PTfe is complete encapsulates the thread, enhances the resistance against the contaminants. It is also made strong and anti-corrosive after the coating. The smooth coating enhances the flexibility of the fiberglass fabric and minimizes the tendency to kink, stripe back like other thread of high temperature. It is ideally suited to static applications. It is our least expensive, high performance thread.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine