Fiberglass Fire BlanketBeing a premier fiberglass fire blanket manufacturer, we have expanded our reach to many parts of India and abroad. The fiberglass fire blanket Ahmedabad uses finest quality of raw material to support its efficiency. As a popular seller of fiberglass fire blanket Gujrat, we have established business association with many renowned dealers to strengthen market position.
Apart from the basic fiberglass fire blanket, we also provide the following types:

  • Aluminized fire blankets
  • Thermal blanket
  • Welding fire blanket
  • Hospital thermal blankets

The fiberglass fire blanket India provides high protection from harmful welding spatters, slag and other burning particles. Being durable and thermal resistant, the fiberglass fire blanket has satisfied growing and intricate industrial needs.


  • Heavy duty welding blankets provide protection against heavy sparks spatter and slag.
  • Medium duty welding blankets guard against the light slag, sparks and heavier welding.
  • Light duty welding blankets protect against minimal spatter, light sparks, welding.