Aluminum Filter BagWe manufacture high quality aluminium filter cloth and aluminium mesh fabric to meet the industrial demand for aluminium casting. With a full fledge network to supply aluminium filter around in a wider market, our dedicated team has been diligently working to create and develop quality solutions for the industry. The aluminium filter bag is a perfect industrial solution to filter molten aluminium, almost hassle free. The process is so astutely designed to improve the heat resistance of the cloth by 800o C. in fact, it’s considered to be an idea medium for aluminium filtering during smelting and casting process.

Aluminium filter supplierEquipped with innovative technology, the Aluminium filter supplier has been able to deliver unparalleled quality to its customers. High twisted yarn and key technology process strengthen the aluminium filter fabric to achieve the desired industrial quality. Our special team of experts and technicians ensures immaculate manufacturing process to provide promised quality of the aluminium filter bag.

The aluminium filter cloth finds itself widely used in manufacturing automobile wheels, motorcycle wheels, cylindrical piston and many other parts made of aluminium. 

About the Product:

  • An ideal medium for aluminium filtration.
  • Available in roll as well as sheet and customized shape.
  • Reduces scrap post-casting and smelting.
  • High thermal resistance
  • Eliminates external impurities for smooth surface.
  • Customized mesh specifications.
  • Cloth starts from 50 till 400 meshes.


  • Automobile wheels
  • Aluminium components
  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Aluminium ingots.

Technical Specification:

25 5x5 Leno 17.17; 64+/-4
36 6x6 Leno 11.57 64+/-4
50 7x7 Leno 07.47 54+/-4
100 10x10 Plain 02.73 42+/-4
200 14x14 Plain 01.72 47+/-4
255 17x15 Plain 01.15 43+/-4
400 20x20 Plain 00.44 27+/-4