Fusing Machine BeltsAs a pioneer in the industry for manufacturing fusing belts, we have used best raw material and techniques to provide quality output. Being a popular fusing belts manufacturer, we have developed requisite infrastructure to sell and export the PTFE coated fusing machine belts to a wider market.  As the fusing machine belts manufacturer, we provide customized options to meet intricate customer demands.

The fusing belts supplier makes use of the finest raw material, ranging from light weight fabric to the heavy grade fabric, to strengthen its overall fabric. Being a tear-resistant product, it finds its extensive usage in machines or equipment with pneumatic conveyor to transfer bulk material from one point to another with a high flow rate. With low cost incurred in its installation, and maintenance, the fusing machine belts supplier ensures that excessive cost is not incurred in installation, maintenance and power.

As an effective product, it possesses strong physical and chemical properties to increase its saleability. The PTFE coating allows the abrasion-resistant fusing machine belts to deliver better results. It contains high tensile strength and suitable to work between -2000C to 2800C. Since it doesn’t decay or rot, the fusing machine belts draw high demand from many industries, especially food.  As it has dielectric properties, the fusing machine belts are an ideal choice for micro-wave ovens.

Fusing machine belts are widely used in the following industries:

  • Microwave cooking
  • Food processing, baking
  • Chocolate, biscuit
  • Packaging equipment
  • Collar-fusing and cuff-fusing
  • Compacting machine
  • Soap industry
  • Knitting and apparel making
  • Polyurethane casting
  • Photo print drying
  • Shrink- wrap tunnel belts
  • Relaxed dryer
  • Rotary printing machine
  • Re-soldering and ink drying
  • Rubber extrusion