Pleated Dust Collection BagAs a leading Pleated Dust Collection bag manufacturer, we have expanded our reach to many parts of India. The Pleated Dust Collection bag provides effective surface filtration that pushes it’s throughout and reduces pressure drop across the filter surface. It has been made from the finest quality of spun bonded polyester and nomex non-woven medium to strengthen its fabric.

With multiple coatings, its filtration efficacy increases to meet varied industrial demands. Unlike the conventional dust collection bags, the Pleated Dust Collection bags possess anincreased filtration area by 3 to 4 times. As the Pleated Dust Collection Bag supplier, we have strengthened our offering with effective industrial techniques to improve its quality.

Given the complicated industrial needs, the Pleated dust Collection Bag manufacture in India has improved its manufacturing standards with industry-proven processes.

Pleated Dust Collection Bag


  • Pleated spun bonded polyester filter and non-woven nomex medium is mounted on a cylindrical configuration with support cage made of galvanized / stainless steel / Polypropylene. It is enveloped within EPDM / Natural rubber / Polyurethane or metal end caps to create a pleated dust collection bag.
  • To eliminate leakage risk and stabilize the design, longitudinal joints of pleated bags are ultrasonically fused.
  • The end caps are configured to mount as clean side or dirt side fitments
  • In case of metal caps, these bags use soft sponge rubber or snap band cuff sealing to tighten sealing of filter while fitments.

Shell Plate Diameter: 159.8mm and 156, 157 and 158 mm.
Top and Bottom: Moulded or fixed with Polyurethane optional anti-rust spray punching or lozenge-shaped inner mesh.

Plated Dust Collection Bag
  • Optional stainless steel mesh and end caps.
  • Optional Venturi tube
  • Height of the Cartridge filter depends on the clients’ demands.
  • Plate thickness more than 5mm


  • Surface Filter area 3 to 4 times more than conventional  filter bag
  • Contained consumption of compressed air (for cleaning)
  • Leak- proof design
  • Reduction in downtime.
  • Low  maintenance
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Open Pleat Spacing
  • Stable structure; do not break or fall through sheet
  • High efficiency due to surface filtration