Dust Collector Filter BagsConsidered as a key component in the pollution control system, the dust collector filter bags have become a preferred choice in consumer and industrial market. The supreme quality of the dust collector filter bags assuresseamless operation of the pollution control system. As a premier manufacturer of high quality dust collector bags, we have developed a comprehensive network to supply and export to other countries as well.
Widely used in industries including cement, chemical, petrochemical, steel, textile, paper & pulp, these dust collector filter bags continue to experience high demand.

Dust Collector Filter Bags Based on the application of the bags, the material of the dust collector bags would be decided. For instance, it could be fibreglass, ryton, nomex, aramide and many more. In specific, the acid-resistant dust collector bags find extensive usage in flue gas filtration in industrial utility boilers.

Being a leading dust collector filter bags supplier, we ensure unmatchable quality supported through best resources, equipment and other industrial facilities. The dust collector bags supplier offerscomplete protection through a complete mix of protective coatings and finishes against corrosion and high temperature. 

  • PTFE Finish:
    This popular finish allows the dust collector to sustain high temperatures without suffering abrasion. The discarded dust cake is later removed from the bag.
  • Triple Finish:
    It’s meant for specific industrial applications.