Fiberglass Silicone Coated Hose PipeAs a leading fiberglass silicone coated hose pipe exporter, we provide unparalleled quality output through our exquisite range. Priced attractively, the fiberglass silicone coated hose pipe is widely used in many industries.

The quality of the silicone coated hose pipe is strengthened because of the fiberglass. The fiberglass silicone hose pipe provides high tensile strength, thereby improving its efficiency against high temperature. It possesses high electrical and thermal resistance which only adds to the already high quality of the raw material. The silicone coated hose pipecontinues to delivery effective results against high temperature too. With silicone coating, the fiberglass silicone hose pipe defends itself from wear and tear. The fiberglass silicone hose pipeexporter uses refined manufacturing techniques to address many industrial functions.


The fiberglass silicone coated hose pipe finds extensive use in the following industries:

  • Carbon black industry
  • Cement industry
  • Electro-smelting ovens.
  • Hot air conveying system
  • Dehumidified air dryer
  • Plastic machinery for drying, hopper dryer
  • Tiles and ceramic machinery
  • Multi-layer film
  • Printing
  • Direct heater
  • Vehicle exhaust