PTFE Coated ThreadAs a leading PTFE coated threat manufacturer, we have expanded our reach to many parts of India. Made from “E” filament yarns, PTFE thread exhibits unparalleled physical and chemical strength. The PTFE thread manufacturer strives to enhance the strength with the PTFE coating. It drastically increases the flexibility, and hence could be extensively used in various industrial applications such as safety spry shields, heat shields and more.
The unbreakable PTFE coated thread has exceptionally high performance against extreme temperature conditions and harmful substances such as acid, alkali.


  • High thermal resistance.
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Chemically inert
  • High strength
  • Uniform PTFE coating
  • Continuous flexible thread
  • Glass fiber substrate
  • Minimum build-up of contaminants
  • Better sew ability
  • Thermal shock resistance


PTFE threads find extensive usage for the following purposes:

  • Safety spray shields
  • Heat shield
  • Braided sleeving
  • Insulation jack
  • Kiln seals
  • High temperature gaskets
  • Welding blankets