Fiberglass Dust Collector FabricsWe as a leading fiberglass dust fabrics manufacturer have earned an envious reputation in the industry. Be it the Indian market or in abroad, the fiberglass dust fabrics are of supreme quality priced reasonably. Made with the finest raw material and best industrial practices, fiberglass dust fabrics India are extensively used for various industrial applications. Its primarily used in industries namely: chemical, steel, textile, cement, metal, paper & pulp, and more.

Owing to its high filtration efficacy, it’s widely used for make filter bags to attend to myriad need of the industry. It possesses high resistance from extreme temperatures and other harmful substances to gain high strength. The fiberglass dust fabrics are proficient enough to filter out unwanted pollutants to retain expensive fine particles.

Dust Collector FabricsThe fiberglass collector fabrics gain tremendous strength through strong coatings and finishes, in multiple layers if needed. For instance, SGT finishes provide combine strength of silicon oils, graphite and PTFE. This strengthens acid-resistant property of the fiberglass dust collector fabrics. Then, there is PTFE finishes, which if added in 15-18% proportion, provide the desired smoothness to the fiberglass collector fabrics

Boasting high mechanical strength, the fiberglass dust collector fabrics possess following properties:

  • Long service life
  • Energy saving
  • Anti-shrink
  • Anti-corrosive
  • High thermal resistance
  • High tensile strength

ACID resistant

The glass fibers encapsulated with the graphite, silicone oils and ptfe. These polymers have the acid resistant property. It is used in the filtration of the flue gases in industrial utility boilers. It is suitable to perform best in the acidic environment.

TRIPLE finish is especially applied to the glass fibers for the enhanced capacity of the filtration.